Saturday, April 25, 2009

Finally, got License to Drive

Ryan finally got his Class 3A driving license yesterday...he got M'sia driving license only previously & can't convert his license directly due to the fact that he got M'sia license after he got his S'pore PR. Therefore, he needs to take basic, advance theory & final driving test(each passed in 1 attempt) to obtain driving license in S'pore.

We bought our 1st car (a Nissian Latio) last year in end November & collected the car on 4 Jan 09. It's a off-peak car priced at 29,200. So before yesterday, Ryan can't driving his own car in S'pore. But, we managed to use the car during CNY, back in M'sia hometown, by asking a friend to drive the car over to JB custom...

Car Expenses Summary
* Car Loan Installment by MayBank @ 1.99% p.a.(10 yrs loan) = S$292/mth
* Season Parking = S$88.20/mth for via Giro
* Road Tax & Road Lic fee = S$63.50/yr (Paid 1st yr in price of car)
* Car Insurance = S$1,363.25/yr(insured not driving) + S$508.64(insured driving:top up amt after got lic.) = S$1,871.89

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Anonymous said...

hopefully we can one day hav a road trip to penang together, u with ur latio, us with our xb :)