Monday, August 24, 2009

My Delivery @ Gleneagles Hospital

Admission on 17 Jul nite to induce labour the next day morning as my blood pressure was getting higher than my usual (not at high blood pressure level) and my foot was always swollen.

Planned for natural birth at 1st but have to go for caesarean birth as labour was making very slow progress, cervix dilate only 2cm after 8 hrs of labour pain, also expecting baby to be at least 3.8kg...

I chose epidural that allow me to be awake without feeling the operation. At 3.52 pm, 18 Jul my baby boy is born - 4.01 Kg , 54 cm.

Gleneagles Bill Size S$5,448.12 - less Medisave S$4,400= S$1,040.12 Cash
for Caesarean w/ epidural, 2 Bedder, Admission 17 Jul - Discharge 21 Jul

Pictures of GE 2-bedder room at Level 6

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