Thursday, December 3, 2009

Busy busy

Was super busy past few weeks....

Xavier is Sick
Xavier was down with Bronchiolitis (Read that it is an Infection of tiny airways to lungs, inflamed/swell, filled with mucus) Xavier started with mild cold symptoms, no fever and he still active, drinks his FM usually, it doesn't look so serious.

We bring him to see PD on 3rd day since cold symptoms started, was quite shocked to hear Xavier has this. He was then put on neubalizer for 10mins, didn't cry at 1st, start crying at the end. PD gave medicine for phlegm, open airways, antibotics and nose drop. It was a Friday, we were to go back for review, 3 days later, on the following Monday.

It was heartbreaking to see Xavier sick, he cry every time when fed with medicine...he drank less milk, almost half of his usual intake. Things get worse during the weekend, on Saturday midnite, Xavier had fever around 38.3, we were not sure what to do at 1st. Tried to call the emergency hotline for the PD, but they don't take call during midnite, have to wait till morning. PD didn't give any fever medicine, but have fever medicine bought during immunisation jet, so give Xavier the medicine 1st, fever went down after that.

In the morning, called the PD, he ask us to monitor 1st, if fever still comes back, then go hospital. Later in the evening which was Sunday nite, fever came back, so we went to KKH. Doctor checked that his lungs are ok alredi, the fever should be part of the symptoms for Bronchiolitis. To be sure they do a urine test, just in case of urine infection, result no infection. Lungs cleared so don't need go review on Monday just continue medicine given, as KKH doc advised. If fever continue for 3 days then have to go back KKH to do blood test. No fever on 3rd day...continue medicine for about a week, Xavier is ok.

About this Bronchiolitis, it seems to be quite common, during the PD visit, there were 3 more babies/children with the same condition. The thing about this Bronchiolitis is, it seems quite undetectable, cos symptoms are only mild cold, only when PD hears his lungs then will know, it think. Its lucky that we bring Xavier to see doc at early stage.

Xavier's 1st Road Trip
2 weeks after he recovers, we bring Xavier on his 1st Road trip to m'sia. Got to go back Penang for praying of Xavier's grandpa 1 yr of passing and at the same time, bring Xavier to see his grandma, uncles and aunties. Xavier was quite cooperative through out the car rides, only thing is he cries when near his feed time and don't like to sit on car seat. I got to carry him through out. Lucky, we stop over in KL at SIL place for a nite before proceed to Penang.

My hp was spoilt during the trip, not sure why, didn't drop using my brother's hp...dun have all my phone contacts liao, all inside the spoilt hp....waiting to buy new hp after 29 dec, when contract period completes.

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