Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Treasure Yr love ones

Recently, alot of things happening in the family. Mum had her 2nd eye operation last month 18 Mar, today is 1 month already, condition should be stable but still need to take care.

2 weeks ago, an uncle had an accident, got hit on his head, leaving a dent in his head, breaking his skull, he went into a coma, he wake up few days ago but can't talk, able to have some movement of hand n legs. God pls bless him, his family are devastated.

Dad went visit uncle as much as he can about every two days. Just today, when visit him, he not awake again but able to move hand when holding him.

Dad himself have to take care too, he have diabetics & high blood pressure. He went for a heart check up last week, report out last Friday, he need to go for coronary angioplasty n stenting (冠状动脉成形术和支架植入术)operation on 27 Apr. 保右平安

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