Saturday, May 14, 2011

Xavier daily routine

7.30am - wake up, 240ml milk plus some break or biscuit or cheese. Play, reading n tv time.
While I eat my breakfast too.
Put clothes to wash, go bath then out around 9.30am to buy groceries.

10.30am - Xavier has his 2nd milk of 180ml. Rest a while,take his bath. Start cook his porridge.

11.30am - Xavier want poo poo, wash his butt. Then prepare him to eat his porridge. Must put him on his high chair so he will not run around and put a toy on the table for him to play or else he can't sit long.

12pm - He looks tired. On his usual education video, he always call it 'baby baby'. He naps in 5 mins time after drinking some water.

2-3pm - wake up from nap, have his 3rd milk of 180ml. Play n tv time.

5.30pm - bring him downstairs for walk n play at the park beside our house. Go back home around 6.30pm for dinner.

6.30pm - dinner time.

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