Friday, December 28, 2012

X'Mas at W Hotel @ Sentosa

This year, we spent our X'mas at W Hotel @ Sentosa. Ryan booked 2 FREE nites stay from 23 - 25 Dec 12 using his SPG points. He clocked in 130 nites stays under the SPG group of hotels. That's also = how many days he is not in S'pore.

W Hotel @ Sentosa is pretty new, it just opened for a few months. We expected some hiccups but quite a lot of hiccups but we are very forgiving as it is X'Mas.

Pros are the rooms designs look very nice and there's a private pool attached to the room.

We requested to remove the lamp as it is not very stable.

The pool was really great!!!

Here's another suite that his colleague stay in which we like the interior. 

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