Saturday, June 8, 2013

Cashback Credit Cards

Cashback credit cards that we utilize most. We prefer cashback than those points systems that we normally forget and let it expires.

No. Credit Card CashBack Max/Quarter Max/Year How much to spent to achieve max cashback?
1 Standard Chartered Manhanttan Card $1–$999 : 0.5%
$1,000–$2,999 :1%
$3,000 and above :5%
S$200 S$800 Charge in a single month S$4k during one of the quarter for the 5% cashback.
2 UOB One Up to 3.33%
Min. above S$301
S150 S$600 Charge fixed expenses to this card upto max S$1.5k/mth
3 BOC Family S$1-S$1000 : 0.5%
Above S$1000 : 1%
Additional 4% for Supermarket, Petrol Stations & Selected Merchant 
Selected Merchants:
Guardian, Popular, ToysRus & Watsons
S$300 S$1200 Charge about S$6k/mth

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