Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Xavier at 4 years old

July is his birthday month, time passes so fast. He has his birthday celebrated in school with cakes and goodie bag as he requested so. Previous years, I just prepare goodie bags, hehe. Since he say he wanted have cakes at school, I decided to order cupcakes, easier for teachers and the children to eat.

I collected the day before his birthday from prima deli as the school snack time was 8.30am. Immediately when brought the cake back, X wants to eat them. Yummy, they taste nice, he say.

His daddy was out station in KL during his birthday week, but we went to look for him on the weekend that week. My parents were going Genting so we decided to join them and took the Coach bus on friday nite to Genting. Then, daddy come meet us on the Sat. It was X's first coach bus trip and a tiring one. We stay for 1 nite and managed to let him enjoy the indoor rides at First World.

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