Monday, May 26, 2014

River Safari & Singapore's Child Superstar audition

We went to the River Safari on the sat morning that daddy is back from his 2 weeks out-station. Daddy only can nap for a few hours and off we go. Xavier can't wait already as he has been asking us to bring him there for weeks. 

After much consideration, we purchased the River Safari 1 year membership. We couldn't stay till end of the day as Xavier is going for Singapore's Child Superstar audition at 5pm that day. Also, don't think 1 day can comfortably cover all. 

We start from the Rivers of the World side then towards the Giant Panda Forest. Had our lunch at Mama Panda Kitchen. Would think they should have more eateries there. Personally, I hope they have McDonald. After lunch we proceed to the Wild Amazonia River Quest at 2pm (have to pre-book the time-slots and tickets is S$5 for adult and S$3 for child). Then last area is Amazon flooded forest.


Around 3pm we went home for a rest before we went out again. Below,Xavier waiting for photo shot at the Singapore's Child office. He was quite curious about the photo shot as we didn't take studio photos before. As we are given a timing to reach there, they didn't need to wait long or else for children, they will be quite restless. Xavier was quite shy when he was in the studio but he does follow how the camera man ask him to pose. 1st pose was to put both his hands in his pocket but Xavier wanted to do the V sign with his fingers. The camera man is so kind to say ok too and direct him to do other poses in the next few shots.

The goodie bag is very nice.

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