Friday, August 15, 2014

RedMart - Online Grocery Shopping

I started using RedMart last month. At first, I was just thinking of getting the S$10 discount for 1st order and its Free Delivery.

On my 1st order, I bought the following items, Subtotal $111.40 - Coupon Discount $10*= $101.40

#Product NameSizeQtyPriceSubtotal
1Grow Vanilla Growing-Up Milk Powder (3-6 years) 1.8 kg1$60.90$60.90
2Sunbeam Premium Canola Oil2 L1$8.20$8.20
3Onwards 2-ply Bathroom Tissue10 x 400 per pack2$5.45$10.90
4Onwards 3-ply Bathroom Tissue10 x 260 per pack1$5.90$5.90
5Golden Phoenix Thai Hom Mali Fragrant Rice10 kg1$25.50$25.50

Although my house is near to supermarkets, it is still useful to have deliveries (It Free if you met the min. order which is quite easy to meet) as all these items are heavy and bulky.

Useful features:-
1. My List : See what you have ordered previously
2. Search feature. 
3. Up close feature to look at details of products including ingredient.

Currently, If it is your first offer, you get $10 OFF* by using discount code redmart10.

If you click on this link to RedMart, I will get another $10 off for referral > RedMart

* Note : Minimum order S$49, not valid for baby/adult formula.
This post was not sponsored by RedMart. All opinions are my own.

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