Wednesday, October 15, 2014

One Thing Coffee Kids Cafe

We went to One Thing Coffee Kids Cafe last Saturaday after dinner at Ga Ya Geum Korean Family Resturant(Didn't take any pictures of the food as we were very hungry and the food was nice). They are both at Bukit Timah Shopping Centre. 

Xavier maybe abit outgrown for the indoor playground but still he say he likes the place and want to go there again. He just got to play there for 1 hour that day. After playing, he had a scope of chocolate ice cream before we head back home. Next time, I will like to try their coffee and Cup Patbingsu(Not sure what it is but look nice). Didn't try that day as it was late already.

The Indoor Playground charges
- $12 for 1 hour
- $20 for 2 hours
- $15 for 1 hour
- $25 for 2 hours
One Membership for 5 times unlimited play for $88 
Monthly Membership for weekday unlimited for $100

The 'sand' in the playground is not sand, they are Hinoki woods. 
 Wii Game area
Older kids will like the Lego area.
Xavier was so sweet to go and tidy up the Turbo Area Cars after playing.

One Thing Coffee Kids Cafe
170 Upper Timah Road Shopping Centre
Operating Hours: Mon-Sat:From10am~9pm. / Sun:From10am~8pm

Update: Ordered Patbingsu on our 2nd visit, nice!

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