Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Credit Cards with Cashback / Miles

Currently these are the cards that are most useful to us. Summarized for my reference, for more details, check on each cards.

On top of the following Cashbacks, earn extra Cashback through ShopBack.sg for more details see my post here

What is ShopBack?
ShopBack gives cashback to consumers that they received from merchants such as Groupon and Redmart. ShopBack is a Singapore-based start up with office in both USA and Singapore.

ShopBack gives you cashback for shopping at more than 500 of their stores, giving you access to awesome Groupon discounts and more! When you shop through ShopBack they will put a cookie on your browser to track your shopping trips, and give you cash rebates for your shopping which can be transferred to your bank account!

Another awesome merchant they have is the online grocery store Redmart, so do check out ShopBack for the great Redmart savings as well.

No. Credit Card CashBack/Miles Type Max/Quarter Max/Year How much to spent?
1 UOB Miles Overseas use
$1 = 2.5Miles,
bonus 20kmiles for S$50,000 in a year
Overseas Earn Miles Depends Depends
2 American Express KrisFlyer
$1.6 = 2 Miles, min >S$5,000 = 50% more KrisFlyer miles. S$12,000 = Earn an additional 50% KrisFlyer miles
Air tickets Earn Miles Depends Depends
2 UOB One Up to 3.33% Local/
S$150 S$600
Fixed expenses upto max S$1500/mth - Telco,Town Council and Insurances
3 OCBC Frank 6.00%
NETs Flashpay
(Cap at S$60/mth)
min. S$500, Max S$1000/mth
- Some example of Online that I frequently use : Redmart, iherb, Amazon,Groupon, Paypal, HDB Season Parking.
- NETS FlashPay Auto Top-Up feature doubles as a transport card (max $100per month, auto top up $50 each time.
4 OCBC 365 3-6%
(Cap at S$80/mth)
Petrol at Esso & Caltex upto (14%upfront on site + 5% to card~18.3%),
Dining Weekend-6%
Weekday&Overseas-3% Grocery,Online,Telco-3%

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