Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Dinning & Shopping at Westgate

We had our dinner at Tsukada Nojo, a Japanese kind of steamboat. The vegetables are said to be organic. Total bill S$149.95 for 4 portions of the steamboat: Bijin Nabe, 2 side dishes : Chicken Nanban  and 4 portions of Nikumaki (Rice Balls). 

There's a simply spend a minimum S$250 (max 3 receipts), can be from either Westgate, JCube or IMM to get a 6-month membership and 1 admission on the day of register to Westgate Kids Club. The Kids Club membership is added to my existing CAPITASTAR rewards and earns STAR$. I do some shopping at Isetan to make up the S$250. Xavier get to play 2 hours that day at the Kids Club, they are currently having Dinosaur theme which he simply loves and made 2 friends there who like Dinos too.

Subsequent visits is Free 2-hour from Mon-Fri till 4pm. Other timings - Spend min $30 (member) vs. $60 (non-member) for 1 admission. I'm quite interested for their Weekend Workshops on every Sat and Sun at 3pm & 6pm. But not sure how it is like, will check it out if happen to be there.
For more details, see their website. 

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