Saturday, June 4, 2016

Homecook Food

Eating out is expensive in Sydney so need to cook at home most of the time and its more healthy too. I tried out some recipes that I saw online or consult my mum for cooking tips.

Chicken Bone Broth : saw this online, its easy to cook and turn out very nice. I bought 2 piece of chicken thigh, cost about AUD 2.40, add in carrots, onions, garlic and some sea salt into 6 cups of water to boil for 2 hours. The chicken soup can be keep in the freezer and use for later as soup base.

Wanton Noodles: Learn from one of the auntie that I just know here.

Teriyaki Salmon Sushi

Chicken with Tomato and Ginger : my mum teach me to cook this. 

Bake cookies using the Airfryer

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