Thursday, January 11, 2018

Free Exhibitions this Summer 2018 - Sydney

Jurassic Plastic - Sydney Festival
Dates : 6 to 28 Jan 2018
Days : open from Tue - Sun
Time : 9am -5pm
Entrance : Free 
Location : Sydney Town Hall
Check more information here

Container The Box that changed the world - Maritime Museum
Dates : from 26 Oct 2017
Open Daily : : 9.30am -5pm
Entrance : Free 
More info here
Location : Box 1 at the entrance of the museum, the rest in front of Wharf 7.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Private Health Insurance - Bupa

We must have private health insurance cover as part of our visa requirement which are currently with Bupa. I find that it can be quite confusing for us who are new and even when I am on 2nd year here, I am still confused on what is covered and what is not. Therefore, here's a summary of what I find out so far. 

Platinum Visitors Covers Extras - Family
* GP : we can go to any clinic, claim limit at $55.55
Pharmacy medications : Each item claimable only for amount above $20.60 

* Dental ($1200 year limit/pax): Children No Gap, Adult 90% of charge
Note : Best to go to Bupa Member First Clinic. We go to Bupa Dental.
Go to > Ancillary > Enter: Dentist and Location. Choose those with * to get maximum claim. Meaning Bupa has still have limits to each service provided. 
Eg 011 Comprehensive Oral Examination $53.00. I claim $47.70, out of pocket $5.30 while children is fully covered. Those not in the member first might charge higher fee and my claim will not be 90% of charge.

* Optical ($300 year limit/pax) : Children No Gap, Adult 90% of charge. 

Note : All have Sub-limits apply